Opening Remarks and COP27 Update
9:00 AM  to  9:25 AM
Paul Curcio. Editor in Chief. InvestmentNews.
Natasha Turner. Global Deputy Editor. ESG Clarity.
Addressing Anti-ESG Sentiments
9:25 AM  to  10:15 AM

What exactly is ESG and why are some equating it to being 'woke' or `ideological'?  This session will explore the history and evolution of ESG and the cause for conflation of various terms in this space. We will also attempt to debunk key myths that have perhaps led to some of the anti-ESG sentiment in the current market and political environment.

Nikita Singhal. Managing Director, Co-Head of Sustainable Investment and ESG. Lazard Asset Management LLC.
The New World of ESG Regulation (1 CE Credit)
10:15 AM  to  11:05 AM

In this session, we will explore what rules from the SEC and DOL mean for the future of sustainable investing.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the SEC’s proposals for climate reporting, fund naming and marketing will affect sustainable investing
  • Explore how the DOL could soon allow ESG funds to be used as the default investments in retirement plans
  • Learn about pushback against those proposals, and  how some states are implementing anti-ESG measures
Bryan McGannon. Managing Director. US SIF.
Steven Rothstein. Managing Director. Ceres Accelerator.
Moderator: Mark Schoeff Jr.. Senior Reporter. InvestmentNews.
Making the Business Case for ESG Amid Lower Short-Term Returns
11:05 AM  to  11:35 AM

Without the performance benefits of oil and gas holdings, sustainable funds have lagged this year. However, sustainability is about long-term investing. In this session, we'll make the business case for going long on ESG.

Peter Krull, CSRIC. Founder, CEO and Director of Investments. Earth Equity Advisors.
Elizabeth Levy, CFA. Head of ESG Strategy and Portfolio Manager. Trillium Asset Management.
Moderator: Jeff Benjamin. Senior Columnist. InvestmentNews.
Coffee Break
11:35 AM  to  11:45 AM
Starting from Scratch: How to Integrate ESG Into Your Practice (1 CE Credit)
11:45 AM  to  12:35 PM

Research indicates that many clients are interested in sustainability, however approaches to ESG vary widely among fund companies. In this session, we'll help advisers learn best practices and practical ways they can incorporate ESG into their offerings and clients’ portfolios with the best possible outcomes. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain practical skills to help incorporate ESG into advisers' offerings
  • Learn best practices around understanding clients' needs and educating them on how ESG can impact their portfolios
Sarah Adams. Chief Sustainability Officer. Vert Asset Management.
Jennifer Coombs. Director of Client Success. ACA ESG Data & Analytics.
Moderator: Gregg Greenberg. Retirement & Planning Editor, Multimedia Anchor. InvestmentNews.
Lunch Break
12:35 PM  to  12:45 PM
What Do Clients Want? What Surveys and Data Tell Us About Demand for ESG Investing
12:45 PM  to  1:15 PM
Patrick Dinan, CFP, CSRIC. President and Founder. Impact Fiduciary.
Chris Knapp. Managing Director, Principal. Robertson Stephens.
Moderator: Devin McGinley. Director of Research. InvestmentNews.
Engagement, Active Ownership and Greenwashing (1 CE Credit)
1:15 PM  to  2:05 PM

The 2022 proxy season was a record for shareholder proposals. To avoid being viewed as greenwashing, many companies are more willing to work with shareholders, especially as they will likely be required to disclose more climate-risk data in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand various ways companies have worked with shareholders to avoid being viewed as greenwashing
  • Explore the types of climate-risk data that will likely be required to be disclosed in the near future
  • Gain insights on the myriad of questions clients may ask advisers around active ownership and greenwashing
Shelley Alpern. Director of Corporate Engagement. Rhia Ventures.
Ivy Jack. Co-Chief Investment Officer/Director of Equity Research. Northstar Asset Management.
Leslie Samuelrich. President. Green Century Capital Management.
Moderator: Joanne Cleaver. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Editor. InvestmentNews.
Closing Remarks
2:05 PM  to  2:10 PM
Paul Curcio. Editor in Chief. InvestmentNews.


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