Less than three years ago, InvestmentNews had the pleasure to produce a documentary that explored the daunting question, “What is Impact Investing?” During that journey, which took us to Haiti and beyond, we discovered that the world didn’t know nearly enough about it, but investors' interest in aligning their passions with their investment dollars was increasing.
We realized that investors and advisers needed to see impact in action in order to see how this can be an incredible turning point in the sustainable investing movement.

The ESG Summit & Film Festival is designed to inspire and celebrate the amazing stories of impact investing around the world.

In 2019, over the course of eight months, InvestmentNews collected 652 films from six continents and 77 countries. The 2019 ESG Film Festival showcased the eight best films collected and a series of exhibition films commissioned by InvestmentNews.  It showcased incredible stories of impact that illustrate the change we hope to see in the world.

Heading into our 3rd year, the 2021 ESG Film Festival will showcase stories of sustainability and investing from around the world.  As the ESG movement grows, investors and advisers are keen to learn more, and what better way than through the power of story?  So often the work of investing boils down to numbers on a page, and it's hard to fathom the importance of what our dollars are doing.  With these films, that impact will be brought to life.  Produced by a global group of artists, our short documentaries will be selected and awarded by a panel of experts and filmmakers. 

You'll spend the day learning how to implement or grow your sustainable practice and then top it off with an hour of entertainment and inspiration.   Go ahead and tell a friend, this festival is for anyone with an interest in sustainability and progress.