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Brand recognition

Make a a lasting impact with the event's attendees. Ask us about various opportunities to raise awreness about your brand, from hosting a networking session,  to sowcase a new product with an exhibition stand, to your branding prominently displayed around the venue.

Thought leadership

Demonstrate why you're an industry leader. Whether it's a solo speaking slots, a keynote presentation,  a place on a panel of your peers, or a moderator role,  there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate why you're worth doing business with.

Increase your reach

Want to engage with our customers even after the event?  Speak to us about year-round engagement opportunities.  Get your voice heard amongst key industry professionals and increase your reach by utilising our range of digital channels and products. 

Build relationship

Host a gathering of industry professionals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Proven to help build lasting relationships.

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*Source: Advantage, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Cvent, LSC PagePro, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, July 2020.