AGENDA | June 23, 2021

All times are Eastern Standard Times

Opening Remarks
11:00 AM  to  11:05 AM
Liz Skinner. Special Projects Editor. InvestmentNews.
Christine Shaw. CEO. InvestmentNews.
Keynote: Clone your clients!
11:05 AM  to  11:35 AM

Learn from money & business growth expert Robyn Crane a simple yet brilliant way for women advisers to grow their business quickly and efficiently.

Liz Skinner. Special Projects Editor. InvestmentNews.
Robyn Crane. Business Growth Expert For Female Financial Professionals. Host: The Financial G-Spot.
Panel: Reaching specific segments of women & wealth market
11:35 AM  to  12:15 PM

Our panel shares their tips for building your business by concentrating on a specific segment - executive women, inheritors, widows, LGBTQ+, or emerging wealth.

Marci Bair. President. Bair Financial Planning.
Kim Bourne CPA, CFP. Managing Director. Playfair Planning.
Sylvia Guinan. Financial Advisor. Wells Fargo Advisors.
Mary Jovanovich. Senior Manager, Relationship Management. Schwab Charitable Fund.
Nicole Casperson. FinTech reporter. InvestmentNews..
Panel: Growing your business by hiring the right advisers
12:15 PM  to  12:55 PM

Hear some new ways to recruit new advisers: virtual internships, nextgen hires, and women returning to the workforce.

Jennifer Bacarella. Director Firm Development. SPS Family.
Allison Blake. COO. WorthPointe.
Marianela Collado. CEO. Tobias Financial Advisors.
Liz Skinner. Special Projects Editor. InvestmentNews.
Lunch Break
12:55 PM  to  1:05 PM
Panel: Supporting women clients looking for ESG and impact investments | 1 CE Credit
1:05 PM  to  1:55 PM

Our ESG advisers and impact investors panel discusses the explosion in ESG-themed products and overall AUM supporting socially responsible investing. 

  • What are ESG and impact investors expecting beyond returns?
  • Which issues will motivate clients this year to align their values and their wealth?
  • On the regulation front, which ESG-related rules are likely to undergo the biggest changes?


Approved for 1 CE credit from the CFP Board.

Ivy Jack. Head of Equity Research. NorthStar Asset Management.
Liesel Pritzker Simmons. Co-Founder and Principal. Blue Haven Initiative.
Phuong Luong. Adasina Social Capital. Investment Strategist.
Nathalie Wallace. Head of ESG Strategy and Development. Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers.
Liz Skinner. Special Projects Editor. InvestmentNews.
Panel: Expand your offerings and grow your practice with commission-free annuities | 1 CE Credit
1:55 PM  to  2:45 PM

Hear from advisors who are using no-load annuities to differentiate their firms and deliver a more holistic client experience.

  • Learn how to have a productive annuity conversation with your clients nearing and in retirement
  • Review why clients like guaranteed income and the academic economic and psychological research on annuity inclusion in a financial plan
  • Learn annuity strategies advisors are using to generate secure retirement income for clients in today’s market


Approved for 1 CE credit from the CFP Board.

Nola Kulig, CFA, CFP. Financial Advisor. Kulig Financial Advisors.
Stefanie Porter. Senior Advisory Consultant. Pacific Life.
Heather Rosato. CMO. DPL.
Shannon Stone. CFP and Client Advisor. DHR.
Mary Beth Franklin. Contributing Editor. InvestmentNews.
Refreshment break
2:45 PM  to  2:50 PM

Brought to you in partnership with Journey Meditation, this 15-minute session will show you how a simple meditation practice can help you become more mindful and able to find moments of happiness so you can be more successful.

Keynote: Longevity planning
2:50 PM  to  3:20 PM

As women live longer, there are more lilfestyle changes besides finances that need to be planned: senior housing, healthcare, and next-career/ training.

Joseph Coughlin. Director. MIT AgeLab.
Liz Skinner. Special Projects Editor. InvestmentNews.
Closing Presentation: Maximizing social security and medicare with an eye on new changes ahead | 1 CE Credit
3:20 PM  to  4:10 PM

Social Security is a crucial source of retirement income for most women. With their longer life expectancies and the likelihood they will spend their final years alone due to widowhood or divorce, women represent more than half of all Social Security beneficiaries age 62 and older and two-thirds of all beneficiaries over the age of 85. Savvy financial advisers should brush up on Social Security rules and strategies to help their female clients maximize one of the few sources of guaranteed income for life.

  • Organizing the steps of the retirement process
  • New opportunities arising out of increased savings
  • Retirement policy changes coming out of the Biden administration


Approved for 1 CE credit from the CFP Board.

Mary Beth Franklin. Contributing Editor. InvestmentNews.
Closing Remarks
4:10 PM  to  4:15 PM
Mary Beth Franklin. Contributing Editor. InvestmentNews.