Earn Up To 3 CE Credits for CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA® and CIMC certifications

Registration, Networking Breakfast & Exhibits
7:00 AM  to  8:00 AM
Opening Remarks
8:00 AM  to  8:10 AM
Joanne Cleaver. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Editor. InvestmentNews.
Navigating Change & Uncertainty
8:10 AM  to  9:10 AM

We’ve heard it said many times, “The only constant in life is change.” Amy Florian, a renowned expert in life transitions, will lead a panel discussion on how to prepare for unexpected changes and how to navigate your way through them—whether it’s a sudden change in company leadership, a merger or acquisition, guiding a client through a tragedy or life-changing transition, and even our own personal life events. In this session we share lessons learned from our own experiences, tools and techniques for managing times of transition and change.

Amy Florian. CEO. Corgenius, Inc..
Carolyn Armitage, CFP®, CIMA. President. Thrivent Advisor Network.
Lupe Camargo, CFP®, MBA. Financial Planner. Perspective Financial Services.
Heidi Helmeke, CFP®. Founder and President. Enspyre Wealth Advisors.
Market & Economic Outlook (1 CE Credit)
9:10 AM  to  10:00 AM

As expected, the Fed has continued to raise interest rates as a strategy to tackle price growth. While the central bank is slowing its pace of monetary policy tightening it remains unknown if they will stop any time soon. With recession fears still on the mind of many, what are economists predicting will shake out for the markets and overall economy for the remainder of 2023?

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the economic forecast and the potential impact to client portfolios
  • Learn the various scenarios that may play out due to the Federal Reserve’s actions
  • Gain insights into historical similarities to the market’s current and future situation
Jeanette Garretty. Managing Director, Principal, Chief Economist. Robertson Stephens.
Louise Lane. Partner, Wealth Advisor. William Blair.
The Evolving Role of Behavioral Finance (1 CE Credit)
10:00 AM  to  10:50 AM

Behavioral finance continues to garner attention as more advisors seek ways to coach clients from making bad financial decisions based on emotions. In this session, our panel of experts will discuss how behavioral finance continues to evolve, as well as the strategies and tools advisors can utilize to help guide their clients. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the intersection of mind and markets
  • Discover common behavioral biases and how they might impact the investment landscape of the future
  • Examine and calibrate your clients’ appraisals of risk and reward
Dr. Daralee Barbera EdD, CFP®, CMFC, CLF, ChFC, CPMBC. Director, MSM Program. The American College of Financial Services.
Wendy Baum, CPA, JD, CDFA®. Partner. Infinity Strategic Partners.
Lazetta Rainey Braxton, MBA, CFP®. Co-CEO. 2050 Wealth Partners.
Networking Break & Exhibits
10:50 AM  to  11:10 AM
Modern Approaches to Attracting and Retaining Clients
11:10 AM  to  12:00 PM

As the industry continues to grow and diversify, what are the leading edge strategies advisors should deploy to not only attract new clients, but to retain those that may be tempted to leave? In this session, our group of advisors and senior marketers will share the modern and successful approaches they utilize to continue to grow their practices.

Elizabeth Hiza. Chief Marketing Officer. Barnum Financial Group.
Heather Randolph Carter. Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communication Officer. LPL Financial.
Marie Swift. President & CEO. Impact Communications.
Pamela Dawson. Senior Vice President, Director of Advisory Business Relations. U.S. Bank Asset Management Group.
Michele Francisco, CFP®. Partner, Co-Managing Director of Wealth Management. RMB Capital Management.
Investing Your Values: Gender Lens Investing (1 CE Credit*)
12:00 PM  to  12:50 PM

The UN defines Gender Lens Investing as the deliberate integration of gender analysis, investment analysis and decision making, where investments are made in more women- owned or led enterprises. Additionally, it can include investments  made in enterprises that promote gender equality at the workplace, as well as in products or services that substantially improve the lives of women and girls, building strong, resilient economies of the future.

In this session our panel will explain what Gender Lens Investing means to them, how they are implementing the strategy, and the impact it’s having on client portfolios.

Together, we’ll learn how to focus on growing your assets under management by:

  • Attracting and retaining women clients
  • Identifying investment opportunities that earn market-rate returns while investing in client values.
  • Gain an understanding of values-based women investors looking for
  • Defining what is gender lens investing
  • Learning why we should invest in women
  • Learning how to invest in women


*approved for Continuing Education Credit by the Investments & Wealth Institute only.  Can be reported for CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA® and CIMC certification & renewal.

Joanne Cleaver. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Editor. InvestmentNews.
Lisa Langley. CEO and Founder. Emerge Capital Management.
Marypat Smucker, CFA. Co-Founder and Principal. Parallelle Finance.
Patricia Lizarraga. Managing Partner. Hypatia Capital.
Networking Lunch - Sponsored by Lincoln Financial Network
12:50 PM  to  1:50 PM
Get to the “Yes!” Quicker: Fast-track your “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor
1:50 PM  to  2:50 PM

View Presentation

Do you want to deepen relationships with current clients and quickly win new business? Do you have your sights set on retaining assets across multiple generations? If you answered YES, this session is for you!

Consumers today are not choosing advisors based primarily on credentials, experience, or rates of return; those are expected. Instead, they’re choosing with advisors based on how an advisor makes them FEEL.

That’s why if you want an edge (especially with Boomer females, Millennials, and GZ), you’ll want to communicate in a way that demonstrates Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

One powerful way to show EQ, is by leveraging a specific storytelling strategy- -your Personal Brand Why Story (PBWS). When you learn how package and share this story in a way that’s meaningful for your ideal clients, you’ll accelerate trust AND buy-in.

In this interactive presentation you will:

• Understand why after hearing your Personal Brand WHY Story, your ideal clients could be in a room full of your competitors and will still make a beeline for you!
• Experience first-hand how telling your Personal Brand WHY Story will fast-track your “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor in 3 minutes or less.
• Discover why humanizing yourself and your company is critical to the future of your business.
• Learn why sharing the right Personal Brand WHY Story is like pouring lighter fluid on all your conversations, presentations, and recruiting/marketing activities!
• Discover how top producers are using their stories to attract and win business.

Deirdre Van Nest. Founder and International Keynoter. Crazy Good Talks.
Intentional Talent Development
2:50 PM  to  3:40 PM

An intentional talent development strategy requires a multi-faceted approach that should align with the overall firm’s business strategy and should cultivate a growth mindset among the team. In an environment where sourcing talent is difficult, attracting and retaining employees necessitates making the workplace and work meaningful and the makeup of the team diverse. In this session, we’ll talk with senior advisors that have successfully implemented these strategies within their own firms.

Yonhee Choi Gordon, CFP®. Principal, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer. JMG Financial Group.
Leslie Tabor. Director, Advisor Services Business Consulting & Education. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc..
Annette Hammortree, CLTC, RICP. Owner & CEO. Hammortree Financial Services.
Sara Wendt. Managing Director. Miracle Mile Advisors.
Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, CKA®. Founder and Financial Planner. Ellevate Advisors, LLC.
Networking Break
3:40 PM  to  4:00 PM
A Progress Report from the CFP Board’s WIN Council
4:00 PM  to  4:35 PM

Created in 2013, the WIN Council is composed of experts in the areas of women’s issues, diversity and recruitment, as well as leaders from financial planning and advisory firms and CFP Board Registered Programs. The WIN Council advises the Center on the development of initiatives and assists in the development of initiatives to increase the number of women entering the financial planning profession, including the number of women CFP® professionals. The WIN Council has played an important role in developing key Center programs, including WIN Advocates, the “I am a CFP® Pro” campaign and the CFP Board Mentor Program, as well as partnerships with organizations such as Rock the Street, Wall Street.

Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®. Contributing Editor. InvestmentNews.
Yonhee Choi Gordon, CFP®. Principal, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer. JMG Financial Group.
Kate Healy. Managing Director, Center for Financial Planning. CFP Board.
Valerie Rivera, CFP®. Founder and Financial Planner. FirstGen Wealth.
Capitalize: Finding Winning Opportunities in Every Phase of Life
4:35 PM  to  5:25 PM

Whether you are struggling to find a way to survive from day to day or seeking out ways to level up in your personal and professional endeavors, locating the “right” path is sometimes a tough feat. Life has a way of pointing out areas of negativity and lack, which causes us to overlook areas of abundance and overflow. In this inspiring message, Rennie uncovers many of the hidden gems that are often taken for granted when striving to manage the everyday challenges of life, reach new levels of success, and achieve our dreams.

Participants will learn to:

  • Discover their competitive edge and uncover their unique set of “winning” qualities
  • Successfully leverage connections and knowledge to their advantage
  • Cultivate daily productivity habits that promote high performance and improved results
  • Create strategies to transform their personal and professional life from good to great
  • Improve productivity, moral, and organizational culture
Rennie Curran. CEO. Game Changer Coaching.
Cocktail Reception
5:25 PM  to  6:25 PM


Denoted sessions have been accepted by the CFP Board for CE credit, and can be reported for CFP® certification & renewal.

Denoted sessions have been accepted by the Investments & Wealth Institute for CE credit, and can be reported for CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA® and CIMC certification & renewal.


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